Tuesday, 21 November 2017

West Baden Springs Hotel...

After viewing the trains at the French Lick Scenic Railway, we walked through two huge hotels in the area. The French Lick Springs Hotel is just across the road from the railway station, and we walked quickly through this historic hotel. We then drove to the nearby West Baden Springs Hotel, where we marvelled at this impressive structure. There is a massive 200-foot (or 61-metre) dome covering its indoor atrium. We enjoyed relaxing in the atrium, pretending we were staying there, before walking in the vast grounds outside. It certainly is a beautiful place!

 The French Lick Springs Hotel.
 The West Baden Springs Hotel.
 The dome above the atrium is massive.
 A close-up of the dome's intricate design.
 We relaxed on the couches for a while.
 Walking in the beautiful gardens outside.
 Lovely flowers. The hotel is partially hidden by the trees.
 Water fountain.
One of the former springs.

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