Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Camping and Hiking at Shades State Park...

We took a spontaneous family camping trip to Shades State Park on the last weekend in July. (28th - 29th July.) We were only away for the Sunday night, but it was a fantastic time and we managed to do a lot of hiking and fun activities at both Shades and Turkey Run State Parks on the Sunday and the Monday. It was such a successful trip, camping in a tent with a three-year-old and a one-year-old, that we may have to camp for longer in future! :)

 Cute camping scene near Clay City, Indiana.
 Entrance to Shades State Park.
 Our campsite. The tent is just out of picture to the right.
 Shades was the only state park that once had a landing strip for light aeroplanes. It has been closed since 2001.
 Sign commemorating the airstrip.
 Playing at the playground.
 Wood frog clinging to a tree.
 Cool uprooted tree.
 Hiking along the ridge.
 Pretty ravine.
 Maidenhair Falls at Shades State Park.
 Walking along the bottom of the ravine.
 Northern banded water snake.
 Devil's Punch Bowl at Shades.
 Tending the braai.
 I had a little helper. :)
 Our campsite as seen through the trees.
 Walking down to Sugar Creek.
 Beautiful green scenery.
 Sugar Creek winds its way through both Shades and Turkey Run State Parks.
 Splashing rocks. What more could a boy want? :)
 Monarch butterfly puddling by the shore.
 Pretty flowers.
 A frog peers out from its hiding place.
 Colourful fungi growing on a log.
 Cute little toadstool.
 We love camping and hiking! :)
 The suspension bridge at Turkey Run State Park.
 View of the Sugar Creek from the bridge.
 On the suspension bridge.
 Rocky Hollow Nature Preserve.
 Family selfie.
 The Nature Centre at Turkey Run State Park.
 Riaan meets a copperhead.
The Turkey Run Inn.

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