Saturday, 19 May 2018

House Finch...

This pretty little bird, enjoying some seeds near a feeder on the stoep outside, is a male house finch. House finches are common throughout most of the United States. As with many bird species, the males are more striking (in terms of colour) than the females. I love watching all the birds and nature in the area!

A sparrow is in the tree behind the house finch.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

West Baden Springs...

After our train ride, we took Mom to see the impressive West Baden Springs Hotel, which we had visited on our previous trip to French Lick. We relaxed in the splendid atrium while enjoying ice cream (courtesy of a kind elderly gentleman) and then went for a walk in the lovely gardens outside. We then headed home after a very full day in scenic southern Indiana! :)

 Inside the atrium.
 View looking up at the amazing dome.
 Snuggles with Daddy in the atrium.
 Horse and carriage.
 View of the sunken gardens.
 Pretty tree.
 Lovely flowering tree.
 Apollo Spring.
 The old Billiards and Bowling Pavilion.
 Mom in front of West Baden Springs Hotel.
 Bird house shaped like the hotel.
 Another view of the amazing architecture.
 Jug Rock in Shoals, on our drive back home.
Driving through Amish country in Daviess County, Indiana.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

A Trip on the French Lick Scenic Railway...

Ever since visiting the French Lick Scenic Railway back at the end of October last year, I knew that we'd be back for a ride on the train at some point in the future. With my Mom visiting us, we decided that it would be fun to take her to the French Lick Scenic Railway so that we could show her this picturesque slice of southern Indiana. Riaan is  still a huge fan of trains and railways and so we surprised him with a ride on the train, too!

We had a lovely journey through beautiful forests and fields as the train wound its way to the little village of Norton. It stopped at Gradman Station and headed back to French Lick a little way past this point. We had a great day and it was a fun trip on the French Lick Scenic Railway! :)

 The train as we approach the railway station.
 Riaan in his element. He loves trains!
 Another view of the old steam locomotive.
 Riaan looking at the 1940s-era diesel locomotive that pulls the train.
 A tram runs between the two large hotels in the area.
 Going over a level crossing.
 The train conductor welcomes us aboard the French Lick Scenic Railway.
Riaan was very excited!
 Eliza had a nice nap on Granny's lap.
 Sitting in the carriage.
 Passing some old trains and railway equipment.
 A pretty iron bridge.
 View towards a lake.
 Hunting hide visible in the trees.
 An 1800s log cabin.
 Chugging past open fields.
 The locomotive at the turn-around point.
 Stopped at Gradman Station, before heading back to French Lick.
 A lovely old house.
 Pretty red barn.
Riaan enjoying the view from the train! :)

Northern Flicker...

The northern flicker is one of Indiana's seven species of woodpeckers. We often see woodpeckers outside our home and several weeks ago we spotted this lovely bird. It was hopping around on the ground, searching for tasty treats. We are blessed by all the nature we have in southern Indiana! :)

Sitting up in a tree.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Pretty flowers...

Here are a couple of small spring-flowers that popped up during the month of April. :)

A honey bee enjoying the dandelion flower.
Tiny purple leaves and even smaller flowers.
 This little flower reminded me of lavender. But it is much smaller.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Mexican Food and Irish Music Night...

We took Mom out for her first taste of Mexican food in the United States on Friday, 13th April. We went to Hacienda El Asadero, a Mexican restaurant in Washington. The food was lovely and we had an enjoyable meal together.

We then went to the Cherry Ghost Coffee House, our favourite coffee shop in Washington, for their live Friday night music. It was Irish music night that evening and we had a great time listening to the wonderful Irish music. :)

 Enjoying yummy Mexican food together.
 Riaan loves Irish music night...
  And he loves to dance, too! :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Eagle's Nest to Covered Bridge...

Riaan, Eliza and I took Mom for a drive of some scenic areas to the north of us on Tuesday, 10th April. I wanted to show Mom a number of the places that we often talk about when Skyping with my family back in Cape Town.

We first drove west and then north to Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area, just south of Linton, where we viewed the massive bald eagle's nest nearby.  There were also many water fowl on the lake, and we also spotted a bald eagle soaring high above.

We then drove through Linton, where we got caught at a level crossing by a long train operated by the Indiana Southern Railroad. We also saw two Indiana Rail Road locomotives coupled to a train at the station here.

We headed east to Bloomfield before heading south and going over the Richland-Plummer Creek Covered Bridge, built in 1883. It was Mom's first experience of an old covered bridge. We then drove back home, stopping in at the Dutch Pantry just outside of Odon. It was a lovely morning drive!

 The bald eagle's nest.
 Approaching Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area.
 American coots at Goose Pond.
 A majestic bald eagle soars overhead.
 Sculpture at the northern edge of Goose Pond.
 Waiting at the railway crossing in Linton.
 Indiana Rail Road diesel locomotive.
Mom walks through the Richland-Plummer Creek Covered Bridge.