Saturday, 17 February 2018

Introducing Eliza...

Nine days ago our little lady made her appearance in the outside world. Eliza Lucy was born at 08h21 in the morning of the 8th of February via a scheduled caesarean section. We are so excited to welcome her to our little family and have been so blessed by this little baby! God is good and we are so thankful! :)

 Shortly after being admitted for surgery at Daviess Community Hospital.
 Surgeons performing the c-section.
 Candace snuggling our little girl.
 First family photo together. :)
 Little cutie!
 Striking my famous pose. :)
 Carrying her inside after arriving back home.
Riaan spending time with his little sister. He's an awesome big brother! :)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

My 34th Birthday...

I celebrated my 34th birthday last Monday, the 5th of February. I worked most of the day and then came home to a lovely supper that Candace had prepared. She had also made a lovely rainbow cake and it was a very special evening with my little family. Riaan fell asleep on me as I read him his bed-time stories, and that added to the special day. :)

 The lovely pasta dish.
 With my birthday cake and balloons from my Pharmacy colleagues.
Riaan sleeping on me during story-time. :)

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Cherry Ghost Music Fun...

The Cherry Ghost Coffee House is one of our favourite haunts - if you'll excuse the pun - in Washington, Indiana. :) We love hanging out in this chilled atmosphere, enjoying their fresh, organic coffee, and listening to relaxing live music. Our friend Dan and his son shared the music stage several weeks back. It was a really lovely evening!

 Riaan and I enjoy the live music.
 Riaan with Candace.
Watching Uncle Dan play his music. :)

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Long Icicle...

One of the last icicles hanging on for dear life from the roof of our porch. This one was over a metre in length!

The large icicle hanging above our stoep.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Patriotic Snowman...

I built a little snowman before all the snow melted away with the warmer temperatures on the 19th of January. I don't think Riaan was too impressed with my snowman though! Indeed, the last snowman I built back in February 2015 was far more impressive!

 My patriotic little snowman.
Riaan was not too happy with it, though! :)

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Snow Day...

We received more snow a few days after the events of my last post, and these snow showers added several inches of snow to the existing snow-pack. I was working at the Pharmacy at the time, and was able to snap the following photos with my phone. Our parking lot (at left) was completely covered with snow!

 View looking towards the Odon Library.
 The car I'm currently driving was frozen...
 As was the down-pipes for the gutters.
 View looking over the frozen pond.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Winter Storm...

We had our first proper winter storm of 2018 earlier this month. We had windy conditions with freezing rain and sleet throughout the night, and then it snowed the next day, creating a beautiful winter's atmosphere. It did also create a bit of a mess on the local roads, I might add.

 Odon Main Street looking west. That's ice and sleet - not snow.
 The Odon Pharmacy, where I work.
A skid-steer loader clearing the front parking lot, after the snow had started.
 Our gravel road is barely visible in this photo looking east.
 A large tractor with a snow plough rumbles past.
 Riaan enjoying a ride in his little sledge.
Amazing ice crystals on frozen blades of grass.