Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Shakamak State Park Hike...

We went to Shakamak State Park on a lovely Sunday earlier this month. (2nd February.) The weather was gorgeous and the kiddos loved playing at a playground. We then went and hiked a much-longer trail than we had anticipated. We had planned to hike just a one-mile loop, but our hike turned out to be around four miles - all the way around Lake Shakamak! (We didn't have a map with us on the day, and that contributed to our mistake.) It was still lots of fun and both children did brilliantly!

 "Grounding" by being barefoot on a beautiful winter's day.
 Family selfies don't go very well these days!
 The playground is lovely.
 A pair of bald eagles soar through the sky.
 Downy woodpecker.
 Red-headed woodpecker.
 Riaan and Candace hiking over a fallen log.
 Eliza sleeping in the carrier with me.
 A fallen tree had taken out some of the trail here.
 Lush green moss.
 Elf stand in a tree.
 Woodpecker holes in a dead tree.
 Canada geese on Lake Shakamak.
We hiked all the way around Lake Shakamak.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Peter's Car Transporter...

My mom's cousin, Peter, passed away unexpectedly back in 2017 and this anique car transporter was left to Riaan by Peter's sister, Rose. My mom brought it over with her in April 2018 and it always warms my heart to see Riaan and Eliza playing with it these days. :)

 Eliza points to the awesome antique car transporter.
Riaan playing with it on the kitchen/living room floor.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Truck-Train on the Tracks...

It's a fairly common sight to see a specially-modified pick-up truck driving along a railway line. They often do maintenance on the railway lines in the area. But this was the first time I'd seen a big truck (or semi) complete with trailer and containers sitting on a railway line. They must have had a lot of maintenance work to do!

 The truck in the distance - just in front of the I-69 Interstate.
Another view from a closer location.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Wednesday Afternoon Fun...

It was a cold day last Wednesday, (29th January) but I still took the children to the East Side Park for a little bit in the afternoon. They had lots of fun playing together on the pirate ship jungle gym there. It's so good to get outdoors - even when it's rather cold and miserable!

 Eliza on the duck.
 Spinning around.
Riaan took a little tumble in the wood chips!

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Maternal Health Awareness Day Donation...

It was Maternal Health Awareness Day on Thursday, 23rd January. I was able to donate at a Red Cross Blood Drive near Odon the following day, Friday, 24th January. I made sure to eat a healthy lunch and drink plenty of water before the donation.

This donation day, I particularly kept Candace - and other friends and new mothers that we know who have struggled during and after pregnancy - in mind. It is so important to create awareness for maternal health issues and the struggles that new mothers often face in their walk of motherhood. I also wore my maternal health awareness t-shirt to create some additional awareness! :)

 My yummy salad I made for my lunch at work.
 The back of the t-shirt.
  Blood donation going well. :)

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Poetry Tea Time...

We continue our tradition of poetry tea time, started several years ago, as and when time allows. It was frigid this past Sunday (19th January) and so we had a time of rest and relaxation, reading books and drinking cups of tea, inside the living room. Poetry tea times are awesome!

 I read from this brilliant book.
 Eliza reaches for the tea pot.
Eliza and Riaan love poetry tea time!

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Turkey Vultures Galore...

I was driving down the Main Street in Odon, Indiana, recently. I glanced up and saw masses of large dark turkey vultures congregating together on the town's water tower and in surrounding trees. It was worth pulling over to safely snap a couple of photos. I just wish I had had my proper camera with me on this occasion!

A closer look through the digital zoom. :)