Thursday, 19 October 2017

Apple Hill Orchard...

Candace, Riaan and I joined some friends in visiting Apple Hill Orchard, a local orchard nearby, on Saturday, 23rd September. We enjoyed apple cake doughnuts and apple cider from the bakery, before going for a little walk through the orchard. It was a lovely morning!

 The sign to Apple Hill Orchard.
 Playing in the play area.
 Outside the pretty wooden barn.
 Riaan choosing some pumpkins.
 Inside the bakery and produce shop.
 Colourful crates outside the bakery.
Peach and apple trees in the orchard.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Apple Cider evening...

We attended the annual family apple cider (juice) evening back on Friday, 15th September. It was lots of fun making fresh apple cider with the antique cider press and enjoying family time together. :) The freshly-squeezed apple juice was delicious! The last one that I blogged about is here.

 A type of bee has a drink from this apple.
 Riaan lends a helping hand.
 Crushing the apples to create apple juice.
 Aunt Hannah with Riaan. :)
 Riaan and Princess. :)
 Riaan trying out the tricycle.
After being cleaned, the cider press is put back into the shed - with the help of Mike's tractor!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Tiny Frogs...

These tiny frogs have been plentiful around the pond during this mild autumn. They only measure about an inch in length - if that - and are quite cute! :)

Sitting in a footprint by the water's edge.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Spiders by the Pond...

These yellow garden spiders have made a home in the vegetation by the pond's edge. There is a huge variety of insects for them to catch in their webs, including grasshoppers, butterflies, moths and worms. It's fascinating watching them work on their webs!

 A female garden spider on her web. The zigzag pattern is characteristic of this species.
 Another spider in its perfect web.
 Large female garden spider devouring her prey.
 Not sure if this is the same species of spider, but it was quite close to the one above.
 A grasshopper sitting on a plant nearby.
Grasshoppers mating near the spider's web.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Hoosier Classic Bicycle Tour...

We took part in the inaugural Hoosier Classic Bicycle Tour back on Sunday, 10th September. We only cycled the short 15-mile or 26-km route, but we did have Riaan on the back of my bike. It was the first cycle ride we've done where the little man enjoyed the whole ride. He loved seeing all the sights along the way! :)

 The start was in front of Daviess Community Hospital.
 Riaan strapped into his bike seat.
Family photo after we had finished our ride.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Wagon Train...

It was the Antique Show in Elnora recently, and on the opening day (Thursday, 7th September) of this annual event, a procession of horses and wagons - known as the "Wagon Train" - made their way to the Antique Show from nearby Odon. They threw sweets and candy at spectators along the route. Candace, Riaan and I watched from Candace's grandparents' house just north of Odon. It was quite something to see!

 Some of the horses and carriages in the Wagon Train.
 Historic old carriage.
 Amish wagons.
 Miniature ponies.
Candace's sister Hannah rode a horse in the procession. Here she is seeing Candace and Riaan. :)

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Prophetstown State Park and Farmstead...

We stopped at Prophetstown State Park, near Lafayette, Indiana, on our drive home on Sunday, 3rd September. Here we visited the Historic Prophetstown Farmstead as well as the visitor's centre. Riaan enjoyed seeing all the animals at the farm as well as the snakes, turtles, and (stuffed) owls in the visitor's centre. After leaving the state park, we briefly visited the site of the Battle of Tippecanoe before continuing on our way.

 Entrance sign at Prophetstown State Park.
 The historic farmhouse.
 The living room in the farmhouse.
 Lovely old stove in the kitchen.
 Washing machine.
 The beautiful barn on the farmstead.
 Riaan watching a sheep.
 A turkey resting in the shade of a tree.
 Ducks having a rest, too.
 A rooster. They have over 80 chickens here.
 Pretty bridge.
 Owls in the visitor's centre. Riaan loves owls.
 This one has caught an unfortunate squirrel.
 View across the prairie.
 Circle of Stones - honouring Native American tribes - at Prophetstown.
 The obelisk memorial at the Battle of Tippecanoe site.
 Entrance sign at the Tippecanoe Battlefield.
We drove through Crawfordsville on our way home. :)