Sunday, 11 November 2018

Mole Cricket...

I came across this unusual insect while I was walking Rusty one afternoon. It is a mole cricket and it was the first time I had seen it. Just look at those huge front legs, especially adapted for digging!

A mole cricket on the gravel road.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Brown County State Park in the Fall...

We visited Brown County State Park on Saturday, 27th October. It was beautiful to see all the trees changing colours in the peak of autumn. There was also an amazing Raptor Show, titled "Owl-oween", that displayed four owls: the screech owl, barred owl, barn owl, and great horned owl. It was fascinating seeing these amazing creatures up close and learning a little bit more about them. The great horned owl, although weighing just four pounds, can exert a pressure of 400 pounds per square inch with its talons! We also enjoyed a picnic lunch and a couple of hikes in the forest and around Strahl Lake. There is so much beauty in the great outdoors! :)

 The view at Hesitation Point.
 Lovely colours as we drive to the Nature Centre.
 Outside the Nature Centre.
 Cute little eastern box turtle in the Nature Centre.
Copperhead stretching up against the glass.
 Looking up at the tree canopy. Beautiful colours!
 Chicken of the Woods, a type of edible fungus, growing on an old log.
 A turkey vulture soaring over Brown County.
 Fully-grown tiny screech owl.
 Barred owl.
 Barn owl.
 Great horned owl.
 Going for a hike around Strahl Lake.
 Amazing reflections in the lake.
 Eastern red-spotted newt sitting on some moss.
 Eliza loved feeling the texture of the tree bark.
My gorgeous girls!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Date Night...

Candace and I enjoyed a lovely date night on Friday, 26th October. We went to Yolanda's Restaurant for supper and then had delicious coffee from our favourite local coffee shop. It had been a while since our last date night and it is so crucial to be intentional about carving out time for each other in this busy season of life.

The two of us together on our date night. :)

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Glendale Fun...

We recently spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at Glendale Fish and Wildlife Area, a beautiful place in our area. We had a picnic lunch with close friends, walked to the lake and skimmed stones across the water, and enjoyed good fellowship and solid faith-building conversation together. It was also great to see the trees beginning to change colour with the advent of autumn. It was a fun afternoon!

 View across the lake at Glendale.
 Trees turning red across the water.
 Water droplets sitting on a lilly pad.
 Brilliant red in the forest.
The trees turn red at the tops, making it look as if they are on fire.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Lego Table Mountain...

I guess I've been a bit homesick lately, as is evidenced by a Lego creation I built while playing Lego with Riaan. :) It is a rough model of Cape Town's majestic Table Mountain, complete with Devil's Peak to the left and Lion's Head to the right. And, of course, the Upper Cableway Station at the top right of Table Mountain itself! :)

 A photo I took of Cape Town's iconic Table Mountain during a helicopter tour back in February 2011.
My Lego model of Table Mountain. :)

Monday, 29 October 2018

Pharmacy Butterfly...

My boss recently rescued three Monarch butterfly chrysalises that were located in a rather unsafe environment outside the Pharmacy. He secured them to the inside of a couple of plastic tubs, and soon it was time for one of them to hatch. I took home the chrysalis one weekend so that we could see the new butterfly emerge. While we missed the actual hatching, it was quite spectacular to see the brilliant new Monarch butterfly! It was a very cool real-life biology lesson, and I'm happy to say that all of the Pharmacy butterflies emerged out of their chrysalises and were safely released back into the wild. :)

 The chrysalis ready to hatch on the left. One can even see the butterfly wings inside!
 The newly-emerged butterfly.
 Flapping his wings and ready to fly.
Released into the garden outside. :)

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Children's Charity 5km Fun Run...

Candace and I helped with this year's Children's Charity 5km Fun Run that took place in Odon on Saturday, 13th October. We both marshalled the event - Candace directed the runners and walkers at an intersection while I cycled in front of the leader. It was a fun event benefitting charity and Riaan enjoyed the run too, from the comfort of his bicycle seat behind me! Here we are leading the front runner on the course.

Riaan and I before the fun run. :)