Saturday, 16 December 2017

Resident Hawk...

I often see this juvenile red-tailed hawk sitting in the trees behind our barn. This individual is often perched high up, watching over the fields for its next meal. I really enjoy the vast array of birds and other wildlife visible in Indiana in the cold winter months. :)

A closer view of this likely juvenile female red-tailed hawk.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Morning has Broken...

A cold winter's morning comes to life as the rising sun brings light and warmth to the new day. :) There is always something beautiful about sunrise and sunset. God is renewing his creation each new day!

 Sunrise as seen from across the pond.
 Lovely colours and effects created by the clouds.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Super Frost Moon...

The Super Frost Moon rose on Sunday, 3rd December. I braved the cold and stayed outside to watch it as it rose from the north-eastern horizon and took its journey across the heavens. It was a beautiful sight to see! Here are a few photos capturing the event.

 A closer view of the moon as seen through a thin layer of cloud.
 The moon after appearing over the horizon.
 It's colour changed and became lighter as it followed its course.
 Still rather pale in this photo.
It got brighter and more brilliant as it rose higher in the night sky.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Santa Train at the Tulip Viaduct...

We went to the Tulip Trestle to watch the Santa Train cross the train bridge on Saturday, 2nd December. A special Christmas community event was organised, with presents for children, lots of yummy food, as well as Christmas decorations and festive music being played. The central moment was, of course, the Santa Train crossing the bridge. Santa (or Father Christmas) was in one of the carriages and the train stopped in each town along its route, allowing children to board and meet Santa. It was a great morning!

 Tulip Trestle sign in cement on the ground.
 The Christmas community event.
 Lovely Christmas tree.
 Riaan reading his new book - that he was given - with Mommy.
 The impressive Tulip Trestle was built back in 1905-06.
 The Santa Train crossing the bridge.
 Riaan was very excited to spot the train!
 The train was heading towards Bloomfield and Linton.
 A closer view of the diesel locomotive.
 Family selfie in front of the Tulip Trestle.
 It's a really impressive structure.
 Looking back towards the viewing deck.
 Queues of children waiting to see Santa in Bloomfield.
The train on the line in Bloomfield.

Indiana Rail Road train...

I spotted another train on the line north of us a few weeks ago. It had two diesel locomotives pulling six rail cars. Riaan is always excited whenever he hears the train's whistle coming across the valley. We often have to head outside and spot the train on the track! :)

 The bright Indiana Rail locomotives and the six rail cars.
 Going over the railway crossing that we often drive over on our way to town.
And passing the old abandoned school house.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Whitewater Memorial State Park...

Back in 2016 we had set ourselves a goal to visit all of Indiana's State Parks. We didn't set ourselves any specific time-frame, but I always thought it would be cool to visit all of them inside of 24 months - since there are, after all, 24 Indiana State Parks. And on the 26th November, we accomplished this goal. We visited Whitewater Memorial State Park, near Liberty, Indiana, and have now been blessed to have visited all of Indiana's State Parks - inside of 22 months. :) We had a lovely picnic lunch and then went for a scenic hike on the Veteran's Vista trail. It was another great day in outdoor Indiana!

 Entrance sign.
 Antique carriage near the saddlebarn.
 Heading to the picnic tables near Whitewater Lake.
 Having a lovely picnic lunch.
 Riaan loves nature!
 Walking on the beach.
 Very happy about this! :)
 Riaan having fun in the playground.
 Brookville Lake was closed and drained to allow the waterfowl to rest for the winter.
 Gulls in the distance.
 Sandhill cranes fly overhead.
 Heading off on our hike.
 Lovely colours in the forest.
 Another pretty trail.
 Chipmunk enjoying a snack.
 Turkey feather seen - and left behind - on our walk.
 X marks the spot.
 Funny Daddy!
 Riaan's turn!
 Scenic view over Whitewater Lake.