Saturday, 26 April 2014

Farewells (to the One you love) aren't easy...

Candace and I spent a fantastic three weeks together, but soon the time came for us to say farewell again. She had to return to her nursing job in Indiana, while we both wait on our US immigration process. We spent a lovely final few days together in Cape Town, during which we kayaked again on Marina da Gama, had a family braai, and visited my great-aunt Jean in her retirement home in Pinelands, a suburb of Cape Town. It was lovely to see the community aspect here! But soon enough Candace and I were enjoying our last meal together at the Cattle Baron and a couple of hours later I was driving her back to Cape Town International Airport. It was another sad farewell, but we are thankful for the progress that is being made on our case. My prayer is that the next time we see each other will be on American soil!

Candace with our nephews, Rhyenn and Jesse.
My beautiful wife and I at the Cattle Baron for supper the night of her departure.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Final day in Sandbaai...

We spent our final day (Friday, March 14th) outside of Cape Town relaxing at Onrus Beach again. Later in the day we walked down and watched the sunset from the coastal footpath. We had a lovely week in this beautiful area of South Africa, but it was time to head back to Cape Town and prepare for Candace's flight back to Indiana the following week. Our time together was coming all too quickly to an end again. Thanks to Jen for allowing us to use her holiday house for the week!

Onrus Beach.
The water was too cold for swimming.
Lesser Sand Plover on Onrus Beach.
A family of the birds.
Fishing boat in the heavy seas.
The Coastal Path was made in 2007.
It's a lovely place to relax and enjoy nature.
Candace and I enjoy a final Sandbaai sunset.
I miss this girl!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hermanus is a seaside town famous for its whale watching in the winter months - from May to October in the southern hemisphere. Southern Right Whales arrive off the Hermanus coast to give birth and to mate. We weren't in Hermanus at the right time of year to see any of the whales, but we saw many signs of the thriving whale tourism in this area.  This is the view over the Old Harbour.

The town also has a lovely craft market and many museums to keep tourists and locals occupied. There are beautiful views available from the walkway above the Old Harbour too.

Whale information board.
View looking east from the Old Harbour.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ruby Blue...

The Ruby Blue cafe is a quaint little coffee shop that provides affordable light meals and hot drinks in Sandbaai. The small cafe, that doubles as an art gallery, also offers free WiFi to visitors. If Candace and I weren't out exploring or playing ping-pong at my aunt's holiday house during our relaxing week, we often found ourselves here sipping on coffee or rooibos tea and making use of their Internet to check our US visa case status online.

Candace and I playing table tennis at Sandbaai.
Sandbaai Supermarket across the road.
Ruby Blue cafe.
Candace checks our application process in the cozy cafe.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fernkloof Nature Reserve...

Fernkloof Nature Reserve is nestled in the hills above Hermanus, a short drive from Sandbaai. We spent the morning of Thursday, March 13th, hiking in the beautiful surroundings. We saw many plants and flowers, and lots of lovely views. We even walked across to the three Mossel River Dams, reservoirs which were built long ago to supply Hermanus with its water. They now supply the Fernkloof garden and nursery with much of its water supply, since Hermanus has grown so much that these old dams cannot meet its expanding water requirements any more. Here's Candace in front of one of the dams. :-)

Hiking between the hills.
Heading up towards a viewpoint.
King Protea.
A smaller type of Protea.
Thistle-type flowers.
Beehives in the valley below.
Common Fiscal - also known as a Butcher Bird.
Camouflaged lizard.
View looking in an easterly direction towards Gansbaai.
Danger Point Lighthouse across the bay.
View towards Hermanus.
Sign to the three dams.
The Mossel River Dams.
Steep steps up to the dams.
The first of the three dams.
On our way back down.
Fernkloof sign showing the various walks.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sandbaai Sunset...

Candace and I enjoyed watching several lovely sunsets during our week at Sandbaai. This was probably the most beautiful one. As we stood on the balcony, we watched the colours of the clouds change as the sun slipped beneath the horizon. :-)

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders;
    where morning dawns, where evening fades,
    you call forth songs of joy.
(Psalm 65: 8 NIV)

The clouds begin to glow as the sun glides beneath the waves.
Candace enjoys the sunset.
Beautiful golden colours.
The clouds turn red after the setting sun.
The moon was very clear this night.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sandbaai and Onrus beach...

We spent a lot of time walking to the beach and relaxing there during our stay at Sandbaai. The beach is less than five minutes walk away, and there is a path that connects Sandbaai with Onrus beach and lagoon. It's a very peaceful area and Candace and I enjoyed exploring the rocks and sandy beaches to see what the waves had tossed up.

Sandbaai Beach is quite rocky.
Surfers off Sandbaai.
View towards Onrus.
We called this large boulder Noah's Ark.
Another view of the ship-like rock.
Onrus Beach.
Waves crashing on the beach.
Candace and I at Onrus Beach.