Friday, 19 May 2017

Stormy Evenings...

A few more photos of stormy early-evening skies. It's been a turbulent - but beautiful - spring so far.

 Walking along the road with rumbling clouds in the distance.
 The sun peaks through as the storm clouds pass overhead.
 Towering cumulonimbus clouds.
Candace and Riaan enjoy the evening after a thunderstorm.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Daviess County Round Barn...

We drove past Daviess County's only round barn on our drive back from Harmonie State Park on the 16th April. Despite having lived in Daviess County since July 2014, it was my first visit to this picturesque old barn. We pulled off the road so I could take a few photos of this barn, constructed in 1908, before we headed back home.

 View from the main entrance.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Tornado Damage...

We drove past the path of a long-track EF3 tornado after our visit to Harmonie State Park. The damage was both awe-inspiring and terrifying! This particular tornado had touched down late in the evening on February 28th. It was on the ground for almost 45-miles, touching down near Crossville, Illinois and finally lifting on the outskirts of Oakland City, Indiana. This was the same severe weather event that caused substantial damage to our neighbour's property.

 Snapped and uprooted trees on the edge of a field.
 Snapped trees and destroyed buildings along a river.
 Damage where the tornado crossed Interstate-64.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Harmonie State Park...

Riaan had a pretty rough time the night before Easter, and so when Easter Sunday dawned we were all too tired to make it to church. And so after a leisurely morning, we decided to worship God another way: By getting outside and spending time in His beautiful creation! We dodged some storms and visited scenic Harmonie State Park - on the banks of the Wabash River. We hiked and had lovely family time together. It was definitely needed! :)

 Sign at the main entrance.
 Lovely trees on either side of the road.
 Storm clouds developing in the distance.
 Pretty pond.
 Walking through a valley littered with fallen trees.
 Swamps and ponds.
 Beaver activity.
 Pretty purple flowers.
 Interesting lily-type plant.
 Small ferns creating a cool pattern.
 Dogwood tree.
 White squirrels.
 Riaan and Candace hiking through the forest.
 Pretty forest scene.
 The Wabash River in the distance.
 Illinois is over the Wabash River.
 Family selfie with Illinois behind us.
 Play area.
Having fun on the swings.
 But playing with dirt and mud is more fun!
A large field at Harmonie State Park.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Shelf Cloud...

This shelf cloud rolled in ahead of a weak thunderstorm early in the morning on Easter Sunday. (16th April.) It is quite mesmerising to watch the power of the weather. There are likely going to be a lot of weather-related posts since it is severe weather season in Indiana. :)

 The shelf cloud approaches from the north-west.
 It stretched all the way across the northern sky.
 View looking south-west.
View looking south-east once the leading edge had passed over.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Passover Meal...

We shared a lovely Passover/seder meal with close friends a few days before Easter. It was awesome to learn more about the Jewish culture and the context of this meal - along with how it all points to Jesus. :) And the food was yummy, too!

 The long table.
 My place at the table.
 Unleavened bread - also known as matzah.
 Some of our delicious spread.
 Good friends at the table.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Easter Egg Hunts...

We enjoyed taking Riaan to a number of Easter egg hunts this Easter. He was much too small last year, but this year he enjoyed walking around and picking up Easter eggs scattered in the grass. :) Candace and I also had fun helping him find the eggs!

 His lovely new Easter egg bucket.
 He initially preferred putting little rocks in it. :)
 Cousins photo.
 Mommy helping him find his eggs.
 Sitting around the bonfire after the egg hunt.
 Community Easter egg hunt at the Plainville Park.
 Little cutie with his eggs.
He loved playing on the jungle gym!