Monday, 28 August 2017

Guineafowl Crossing...

I was driving along a rough gravel road recently and noticed some movement in the bushes off to the right ahead of me. Soon a whole procession of guineafowl were crossing in front of me. The things you see in the country! :) (Although, to be fair, there are guineafowl that live near my parent's home in the vast beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.)

Guineafowl - and a butterfly - crossing in front of me.
Safely on the other side of the road. :)

Friday, 25 August 2017

Painting Message...

We went to Bethel Mennonite Church for their evening service several weeks ago. They had a visiting speaker who paints the message as he preaches it. He started with just a little lamb lost in a deep valley, and then he turned that image upside down and continued painting before flipping the image over again to finally reveal the bigger picture - Jesus! The message was based on the Parable of the Lost Sheep as told in Luke 15: 1 - 7 and was pretty powerful.

I'd never experienced this type of message before. It's awesome to use your gifts to glorify God!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

2017 Odon Old Settlers...

The 132nd Annual Odon Old Settlers festival kicked off with a parade through Odon on Thursday, 3rd August. Old Settlers celebrates the founding of the little town and is held at the Odon Park early each August. There are carnival rides, food and drink stalls, and an arts and crafts competition.

We walked in the parade to create awareness for the Children's Charity 5km Fun Run being held in Odon this October. Here are some photos from the parade. Riaan had a lot of fun seeing all the big trucks, fire engines, and of course the horses!

 Candace's Grandpa's 1931 Model A Tractor was in the parade.
 Side view of the tractor.
 Candace (and Riaan) having a chat with the ambulance crew who helped save her life back in December 2015.
 Enjoying all the big fire engines and tankers.
 Fire tanker vehicle.
 Lots of antique tractors took part as well.
 A big off-road truck.
 Pet adoption advocates were there too.
 Riaan enjoyed patting this little pony.
And then he loved playing soccer with his ball at the park! :)

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Crop Dusting Aeroplane...

A crop dusting aeroplane was spraying corn fields in the area recently. I watched it performing its manoeuvres and took a few photos, before I decided to head inside to avoid the chemicals and pesticides.

 Banking left over the field.
 Spraying a field.
Passing close behind some trees.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Belted Kingfishers...

We've had a family of belted kingfishers visiting the pond over the past few weeks. These photos were taken one Saturday when they stayed in the area for the whole day. It was only the second time I've seen a belted kingfisher; the first time was at Summit Lake State Park last year. It was quite exciting to see a whole family of these birds flying around the pond!

 Belted kingfisher in the weeping willow.
 Juvenile and adult.
Enjoying a fish late in the day.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Announcement at Shakamak...

We visited Shakamak State Park with Candace's family one Sunday afternoon. We spent the afternoon at the pool and I was also able to go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings. We also took a few photos to announce that we are expecting our second baby, due in February! We're very excited!

 The Nature Centre at Shakamak State Park.
 Riaan enjoyed watching the fish.
 Swimming at the Aquatics Centre at Shakamak.
 A pretty trail.
 Baby barn swallows in a nest near the Aquatics Centre.
 Riaan points to Baby Bear's onesie.
Our birth announcement family photograph. :)

Friday, 11 August 2017

Versailles State Park...

We arrived safely at Versailles State Park after visiting Charlestown State Park earlier in the day. (Saturday, 15th July.) We visited the small nature centre and hiked the Fallen Timber Creek Trail, which follows a small creek up a valley. Riaan particularly enjoyed this trail, since there were lots of little rock pools filled with fish and tadpoles.

We then visited the dam wall and drove across the Busching Covered Bridge nearby, before heading back home. It was a very full day spent exploring some of Indiana's history as well as the beauty of nature!

 The Nature Centre at Versailles State Park.
 Riaan loved the fish!
 Looking at the other displays.
 Butterfly and bird viewing area.
 Lake Versailles.
 Riaan and I hiking on the trail.
 It used to be an old road for horse and carts.
 Fallen Timber Creek.
 Freshwater crayfish.
 A large tadpole in the creek.
 A lovely rock pool.
 Riaan loved it!
 Fossils on the creek bed.
 Looking down from the dam wall.
 The dam wall at Lake Versailles.
 Riaan enjoying the view at the top.
 The Park Office.
 Civilian Conservation Corp statue outside the Park Office.
Busching Covered Bridge.