Thursday, 31 May 2018

A Taste of India...

After leaving Yellowwood State Forest, we went to Bloomington where we took Mom to one of our favourite restaurants, A Taste of India. We had delicious butter chicken with rice and garlic naan and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. It was the perfect way to end a great day of exploring!

 Samoosas, yum!
 Butter chicken with garlic naan and rice.
Enjoying our delicious meal together!

Yellowwood State Forest...

We left Nashville and headed back towards Bloomington. A few miles along the road we detoured through Yellowwood State Forest, where we enjoyed seeing some more beautiful scenery - including a juvenile bald eagle. It was a majestic sight to see this young eagle flying above Yellowwood Lake!

 Tractor in a field near the forest.
 Approaching Yellowwood State Forest.
 Information booth at the Park Office.
 Interesting knobbly tree.
 Great blue heron in the distance.
 Juvenile bald eagle in flight.
 It landed in a tree close to our vehicle.
The bald eagle is in the tree towards the left. :)

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Little Nashville...

After leaving Brown County State Park, we took Mom to see little Nashville. This quaint little town is filled with little art and craft shops and is quite a tourist attraction. Candace took Mom to browse through various interesting stores while I stayed in the car with our two sleeping children.

Once they came back to the car I took Mom to the local coffee shop where we enjoyed hot chocolate and coffee. We then bundled back into the car and headed to our next stop - and the topic of my next blog post! :)

 Entering Nashville.
 The tourism and visitor centre.
 There are many large, interesting houses here - many of them have been converted into shops.
 Walking along one of the little streets.
Inside the Daily Grind Coffee House. :)

Monday, 28 May 2018

Brown County State Park...

We took Mom to see beautiful Brown County State Park on Monday, 16th April. It was a cold, snowy day, which called for plenty of warm layers. We headed up to Bloomington in quite snowy, misty conditions, and then drove across to Brown County State Park near Nashville, Indiana. Candace and I (and Riaan) have been here many times in the past, but it was Mom and Eliza's first visit to this State Park.

We first went to Abe Martin Lodge for a lovely picnic lunch in front of a roaring wood fire in the main lounge. We explored the Inn, showing Mom the indoor waterpark where we had Riaan's second birthday last December, and also browsed in the gift shop.

We then drove to the Nature Centre where we had a great time seeing all the snakes, turtles, and other exhibits. We particularly enjoyed watching the birds feeding outside in the frigid temperatures - as well as an enterprising squirrel trying to get up to the bird feeders!

We visited Strahl Lake and walked to the waterfall along the snowy boardwalk, before heading out of the park. We drove past the Fire Tower, located on the highest ridge in Indiana, and exited Brown County State Park over the double-lane covered bridge near Nashville. It was a great visit - but the day was not done yet, and we still had much exploring to do! :)

 Misty and snowy conditions on I-69.
 Approaching Bloomington in blowing snow.
 Entering Brown County State Park.
 The West Lookout Tower.
 The courtyard at Abe Martin Lodge.
 Relaxing in the lounge at Abe Martin Lodge.
 Riaan sitting in the foyer at the Lodge.
 Visiting the Nature Centre.
 Riaan meeting the timber rattlesnake.
 Timber rattlesnake.
 Turtle exhibit.
 Red-eared slider.
 Eastern box turtle.
 Riaan learning about Indiana's birds. :)
 This squirrel entertained us with his antics.
 Eastern bluebird.
 Cardinal and a downy woodpecker.
 Possible eastern towhee.
 Red-bellied woodpecker.
 Cute little chipmunk sheltering inside a hollow stump.
 Deer near the Nature Centre.
 Snow amongst the flowers.
 Snow clinging to an information board.
 The waterfall at Strahl Lake.
Three generations of Crawfords. :)
 The dam wall at Strahl Lake.
 Walking back to the car along the snowy boardwalk.
 Hoosier's Nest.
 The tall Fire Tower.
 Exiting the North Gate...
 And approaching the lovely old covered bridge.