Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Little Praying Mantus...

I was taking photos of this flower when I noticed the little carnivore hanging out on the petals. :)

 The praying mantus peering up at me.
 Waiting underneath a petal for unsuspecting prey.

Indiana Dunes State Park and Michigan City...

We arrived at Valparaiso late on Saturday, 16th July. We stayed at Mercy Ships friends' home and had a lovely time there. The next day we set out and explored the area.

We first went to Indiana Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan. Here we walked on the beautiful beach as a morning thunderstorm rolled in from across the lake. We visited the Nature Centre and swam in Lake Michigan later in the day.

We also visited the old historic lighthouse at Michigan City, Indiana, and had a great seafood lunch at a restaurant nearby. We even drove into the state of Michigan so that I could add a new state to my list - and a new quarter to my collection. It was a fantastic day exploring northern Indiana.

The following day we drove back down to southern Indiana, stopping in at a couple of State Parks on our travels, including Tippecanoe River State Park and Turkey Run State Park. It was a great weekend away!

 The beach pavilion at Indiana Dunes State Park.
 Lake Michigan has claimed many ships over the centuries.
 A powerful thunderstorm comes across Lake Michigan.
 Entering Michigan - another state to add to my list.
 Michigan City, Indiana.
 Waiting to cross over the canal into the Waterfront area.
 The Overboard restaurant - where we had lunch.
 Hmmm, calamari!
 The historic Old Michigan City Light, built in 1858.
 View from the lantern room.
 Chicago skyline in the distance.
 Selfie in front of the lighthouse.
 Cute little tug boat.
 Yachts at the marina.
 Michigan City East Light.
 The beach at Michigan City.
 A yacht plows through the waves.
 About to leave our home base in Valparaiso.
 Tippecanoe River State Park.
 Fire Tower.
 We climbed some of the way up the tower.
 Walking back down the trail.
 Turtles sunning themselves on a log.
 Downy Woodpecker.
Tippecanoe River.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Wedding in Fort Wayne...

We went up to Fort Wayne last month to attend the wedding of Candace's first-cousin-once-removed, Blake, and his bride Mackenzie. Before the ceremony we met up with some friends from Daviess County who are now living in Fort Wayne. We had a great time having coffee together and then we enjoyed Blake and Mackenzie's wedding later that day. From Fort Wayne we drove to Valparaiso and Indiana Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan - but more on that trip in the next blog!

 With our friends from Daviess County.
 Little man was all tired out.
 The wedding ceremony.
 With Candace and little man at the wedding venue.
 The reception dinner.
The large strawberry heart-shaped wedding cake! :)

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Beauty in strange places...

A pretty flower growing through the tar and cement of the Main Street in Washington. If you look carefully enough, you can find beauty in the strangest of places. :)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Spectacular Sunset...

Here's yet another spectacular sunset I witnessed just after a thunderstorm had rolled through the area. The evenings are often my favourite time of the day for seeing lots of beautiful sights! Enjoy some more photos from this lovely sunset.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Prayer Cycle...

A group of cyclists have started what will hopefully become a monthly prayer cycle around the streets of Washington. We went to this first cycle ride back on the second Sunday in July. We cycled around the town and stopped at various key locations to spend some time in prayer. It was a great idea!

There were between 30 and 40 people. It was a great turnout!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Riaan's First Fireworks...

Last month's 4th of July fireworks in Odon were held on the 9th of July, due to bad weather on America's Independence Day. We decided to go and watch the fireworks in Odon. We had a lovely time and Riaan even slept through them! :)

 Emergency vehicles standing-by for the fireworks.
 Riaan excited for his first fireworks.
 Lantern heading into the sky.
 Start of the fireworks display.
 There were some impressive fireworks.
These were my favourite fireworks.