Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Red-Tailed Hawks...

Some likely red-tailed hawks I saw last week. Red-tailed hawks are extremely common in this area and more often than not if you see a hawk in a tree or on a pole it will be this kind. The first one is based at the woods near our home, and I often hear his distinctive call as he takes flight from his perch. The other hawk was a few miles away on an electricity pole towards Plainville. :)

 Keeping an eye on me from his perch in the tree.
Sitting on top of an electricity pole.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Winter Hike...

We joined our good friends, the Maleys, in having a picnic lunch and a fun winter hike at Shakamak State Park recently. We hiked through forest and passed an old coal mine before the trail came back out on the banks of Lake Shakamak. As we walked along the water's edge two bald eagles soared low over our heads. It was definitely a highlight for me. We were able to spot them sitting in an old tree later in the day. :)

 Hiking along the trail.
 The abandoned coal mine.
 Walking through the wintry landscape.
 Following the trail along Lake Shakamak.
 Crossing the slippery boardwalk.
 Lake Shakamak.
 Searching for the bald eagles.
 A better vantage point was the causeway between the two lakes.
 Lake Kickapoo.
 The older bald eagle sitting in a tree across the lake.
It was soon joined by the juvenile bald eagle.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Wagon fun...

We took our little man outside for some fun in his wagon - just before a big rain storm rolled through - several days ago. He had a lot of fun seeing all the sights and hearing the sounds outside. He even spotted a hawk high up in the sky!

 Having fun in his wagon.
 What's that up in the air?
 It's a red-tailed hawk!
 And it landed in a tree across the pond.
Rain storm moving through the area.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Large Icicle...

An extremely large icicle hangs from a gutter - and creates an interesting shadow. Just another part of winter in Indiana.

View towards the barn.
Crazy shadow formed by this large icicle.
 Icicles and frozen water clinging to a plant.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Birds in the Snow...

A few photos of some common Indiana birds enjoying the colder weather. :)

Dark-eyed junco.
A closer view of the same bird.
Downy woodpecker.
Northern cardinal.
 Blue jay on the ground.
And sitting in the tree above. :)

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Snow Day...

The first measurable winter snow fell here on the 5th of January. It snowed throughout the day and we ended up getting a little more than an inch of snow. We were able to take Riaan out to have a ride in his little sled, and he loved it!

 A light layer of snow on the cars.
 Candace pulling Riaan in his sled.
 Rusty's face - and this was after he had shaken off most of the snow.
 Hay bale in a wintry scene.
 The banks of the pond covered in snow.
Frozen scene the next day.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Terre Haute Children's Museum...

We went to the Terre Haute Children's Museum in the last week of December. Candace's parents and nieces and nephews came with too, and we had a fun day at this exciting museum. The children's museum focuses on science experiments and displays, as well as plenty of activities and games to keep little ones (and adults) happy. Riaan also enjoyed the visit - especially the water zone! We highly recommend the Terre Haute Children's Museum! :)

 Tyrannosaurus Rex replica skeleton in festive gear.
 There was a huge tree house.
 View looking down at other activities.
 Lighting up lights by pedalling a bike.
 Measuring how much electricity is in the human body.
Farming display.
Combine harvester.
 Riaan and I in the water area.
 He loved it!
 Candace and Riaan looking at a whirlpool.
 A giant bubble surrounds a person when you pull the rope inside.
 Reading the weather report.
 Top level of the museum.
Other interesting activities.