Saturday, 31 March 2018

Rusty's Haircut...

We took Rusty to have his first-ever haircut (since we adopted him in October 2014) this past Wednesday. (28th March.) I was worried that his anxiety issues would cause some problems for the dog groomer, but my worry was completely unfounded as Rusty did really well. We were very pleased with the results! :)

 Before Photo.
 After Photo. We were very happy with the results!
 Rusty even received a "Pawgress" report card. It said that he was super sweet and his behaviour was wonderful. :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Pharmacy Dragon...

I helped make and display this super-cool dragon kite at my workplace recently. It's definitely an eye-catching visual display for the Pharmacy!

 The dragon kite is really cool.
View in the store.

Spring Snow...

We had some more late-season snow last week. This cold front actually came late on the Spring Equinox (Tuesday, 20th March) and dumped about two inches of snow. It didn't stick around for too long though, as the ground temperatures had been quite mild and the air temperature was above freezing. It was a pretty start to our Spring in the northern hemisphere, however! :)

 Driving to Washington the next morning.
 The trees in the area looked really pretty.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Spring Mill State Park on our Anniversary...

We took our first outing as a family of four to a State Park on our sixth wedding anniversary. (Sunday, 4th March.) We went to beautiful Spring Mill State Park where we visited the Nature Centre (always a favourite for Riaan), walked around the Pioneer Village and saw the massive water mill. We also went to the impressive Spring Mill Inn nearby. It was a great afternoon exploring nature and history as a family! :)

 The entrance gate at Spring Mill State Park.
 Looking down at the Nature Centre.
 Riaan meeting a red-eared slider, a type of turtle.
 Common snapping turtle.
 The little river running through the valley.
 Our little adventurer. :)
 The historic water mill.
 With the big wheel behind us.
 Riaan was very excited!
 Some of the historic Pioneer Village buildings.
 Exploring behind the mill.
 Walking back towards the parking area.
 The Granny White House.
 Cool quote on this little bench.
 Interesting rock fence.
 Spring is definitely coming!
 Daffodils flowering in the sun.
 Spring Mill Inn.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Lonely Duck...

It's been a busy time in our household with new adjustments and hence the blog silence lately. But I've still managed to keep an eye out for interesting nature spots. Here's a lonely little duck paddling serenely across the pond several weeks ago. :)

 Not sure what type of duck it is, though.