Friday, 27 February 2015

Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area...

A couple of weeks ago (12th February) I went nature-spotting and bird-watching with some friends. We went to Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area, north and a little west of Odon, where we were able to see many interesting birds. It was a really fun outing! Here are some of my favourite photos.

 There were flurries of snow when we arrived.
 Ducks on the lake.
Ducks looking for food under the surface.
 Canada Geese.
 Red-bellied Woodpecker - the first woodpecker I've ever seen!
 Pretty scene.
 Camouflaged Horned Lark in this photo.
 Rough-legged Hawk soaring above us.
 An American Kestrel keeps an eye on us.
 We weren't able to identify the gulls.
 Sandhill Cranes.
 Thousands of Snow Geese make a carpet of white on the lake.
 Snow Geese swarming above Goose Pond.
 More birds flying overhead.
 A massive eagle's nest in a tree.
 We didn't think it was occupied, but once home and sorting photos, I discovered the white head of a Bald Eagle inside! It was a very exciting find!
The Bald Eagle is America's national bird and animal! What a great day! :)

Monday, 23 February 2015

Final photos from Atlanta...

After a fun few days in Georgia it was time to head back to Indiana. Thanks to Scott and Janet for their hospitality during our stay. We had a lovely time! Here are a few more photos from our trip. :)

 That's a NINE lane highway on the other side of the road!
 Really neat way of filtering traffic onto a highway.
 Atlanta has one of the busiest airports in the world. The planes were flying right over the highway. In fact, one of the highways actually goes under a large runway!
 We also visited the Dekalb Farmer's Market which is all things amazing under one roof. 
 It's a massive international market selling food products from around the world!
 Back at Scott and Janet's place we walked through the forest to the pretty lake and cabin.
 Pretty lake.
 Fish feeder at the end of this jetty.
 View towards the cabin from the small jetty.
 Cute little shed.
 Nelson Mandela on a billboard as we drive home!
 Barge on the Tennessee River.
Bridge over the Tennessee River.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Stone Mountain (and a Mercy Ships reunion!)...

We visited the famous Stone Mountain Park on Saturday, 7th February. The main feature of the park is Stone Mountain itself, a large granite mountain that has a large sculpture and memorial of three confederate leaders on its north face. Our Mercy Ships friend Erin met us here and, along with Scott and Janet and their children, we hiked up the mountain and then visited some of the surrounding attractions - including the old quarry, grist mill and covered bridge. It was a really fun outing!

 Driving to Stone Mountain.
 They had a snow machine creating snow for tubing!
 The figures are Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis. Wikipedia tells me that the entire carved surface measures three acres!
 Sign at the bottom of the trail to the top of the mountain.
 Map of the mountain and surrounding areas.
 Flags as we begin our hike up the slope.
 Starting out through pine forest and granite stone.
 An opening reveals the Atlanta city skyline!
 Downtown Atlanta - where we were the day before.
 Heading up a steep section.
 Almost at the top.
 With our lovely Mercy Ships friend Erin. It was awesome seeing her again!
 Candace and I at the top.
 There is a cableway that goes up the mountain. This is the upper cableway station.
 View looking down at the snow-tubing.
 And with the surrounding area too.
 Beautiful scenery!
 Cable car heading down...
 While the blue one comes up.
 Our whole group. :) Thanks Scott and Janet for taking us here!
 A pickup truck drives up the steep slope.
 Back at the bottom. The old quarry exhibit.
 This is where thousands of tonnes of granite was taken from the mountain - enough to actually be made into paving stones that would stretch from the north pole to the south pole! That's a distance of 12,444 miles or 20,026 kms!
 Surely I can make this budge?! It's not that heavy!
 The water wheel or grist mill nearby.
 The water wheel.
 Lovely clear water. It really was a beautiful day!
 Covered bridge!
 Driving through the covered bridge.
Really cool old VW bus in the parking area. :)