Sunday, 29 July 2018

Battle of Corydon Park...

We stopped at the site of the Battle of Corydon on our journey home. It was here that the only pitched battle to be fought in Indiana during the American Civil War took place on July 9th, 1863. There is  a little park here, complete with an old log cabin, that commemorates the battle. It was interesting to see the site and to read about the history of Morgan's Raid.

 Historic marker.
 The entrance to the park.
 Flags flying at the entrance to the park.
 The mooring post and anchor chain of the Alice Dean, a packet steamer that was captured by Morgan's troops and used to cross the Ohio River.
 Cannon at the Battle park.
 The pretty little log cabin.
 Inside the log cabin.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Louisville Skyline...

We left Louisville on Sunday, 24th June, and drove through the streets of Louisville on our way home. We took our time, stopping to get yummy organic coffee at Heine Brothers' Coffee and then driving through Louisville before heading across to the site of the Battle of Corydon and O'Bannon Woods State Park. More on those in the next few posts, but here are some photos of the Louisville skyline. :)

 Heine Brothers' Coffee.
 The drive-through menu.
 About to enter the tunnel on the east side of Louisville.
 Louisville is built on the banks of the Ohio River.
Downtown Louisville as seen from the Interstate.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Louisville Zoo: Take Two...

We took a family trip to Louisville at the end of last month. It was important for us to get away as a family and spend a weekend away from home. We decided to visit the Louisville Zoo again, since Candace missed out last time Riaan and I went back in November. It was just as impressive - in fact, probably more so, since there was an amazing Lego exhibit, Nature Connects, on display throughout the Zoo. We had a fantastic time wandering through the various displays and seeing all the interesting animals - and Riaan, of course, had a wonderful time!  

 Riaan sitting on a komodo dragon model.
 Amazing Lego chameleon on display.
 Tiger rattlesnake.
 Beautiful tiger.
 Wise orangutan.
 Crocodile under a frangipani tree.
 Lego dodo model.
 My lovely family having fun at the Zoo!
 Leopard geckos.
 Graceful puma.
 Sleepy snow leopard.
 Lego snow leopard.
 Metal windmill at the Outback section of the Zoo.
 Walking towards Glacier Run - home of the polar bears and sea lions.
 View looking down at the seal tank.
 Harbour seals swim through the water.
 Harbour seal barking.
 The polar bear was amazing.
 Amazing Lego polar bear display.
 Riaan and I at the Lego wildebeest and zebra display.
 Riaan with the Lego zebra.
 A pair of real zebras at the zoo.
 African elephant and Indian elephant.
 Riaan loved all the animal sculptures, too.
 Large male lion.
 A pair of giraffes.
 Stork and a grey-crowned crane.
 Tortoise and a pair of addax antelope.
 Lego monarch butterfly.
 Rhino at the Zoo.
 Lego disappearing rhino exhibit.
The train that travels around the Louisville Zoo. :)

Thursday, 19 July 2018

A Northern Flicker in the Rain...

A male northern flicker, a beautiful bird in the woodpecker family, clings to a tree during a sudden shower of rain. :)

The northern flicker on the trunk of a maple tree.