Friday, 29 August 2014

Midland painted turtle...

We have a pretty pond close to our house and I came across this little fellow the other day. He's a midland painted turtle and they are quite common in the many ponds of Indiana. It was the first time I'd seen one close-up. I love the amazing colours!

The underside of his shell.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Indiana braai...

A traditional braai is a quintessential part of South African culture. It is similar to a cookout or a barbeque here in America, but one of the chief differences is that guests will bring their own meat and drinks to a braai - hence the term 'a bring and braai'. The hosts will usually supply some salad or vegetable dish. There is normally one person in charge of attending to the fire and cooking the meat, while others may stand around talking about sports or politics or other topics under the sun. I'm starting to sound like a Wikipedia entry here! 

Anyway, Candace and I had a braai a few weeks ago on a hot Sunday afternoon. We cooked steak, mielies (corn), potatoes and onions in foil (sitting on the coals), and cheese and tomato sandwiches too. Although we've been too busy to braai since then, I'm sure there will be more braais in the future!

 Assembling my little braai.
 Ready to start burning.
 Waiting for the fire to burn down.
 The potatoes and onions wrapped in foil on the fire.
 Meat and sandwiches ready to go on the braai grid.
 Candace takes the husks off the mielies or corn.
 Food on the braai. Hmm, yum! :-)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Odon Old Settlers...

The Old Settlers Festival is an annual event in Odon and commemorates the founding of the little town. This year the festival ran from the 5th August to the 9th August and celebrated Odon's 129th year. There was a parade and various other events held throughout the week. Candace took part in the craft exhibit and submitted a couple of items to be judged. Her jar of salsa won first place, and her beans came in second place in their respective categories. There were also plenty of carnival rides, live music, and food stalls. It was a lovely time and Candace and I enjoyed being there!

 The hall displaying various arts and crafts.
 Candace's salsa is on the left.
 Candace and her salsa. :-)
 Eagle made out of clothes pegs.
 Painted gourd.
 Giant slide.
Candace and her niece Layne at the bottom of the slide.
 Mini train.
Sunset over the house we're renting. :-)

Thursday, 21 August 2014

2014 Miller family photos...

We had family photos taken at the beginning of August this year. We had them taken at the antique fairground in Elnora, a small town a short distance away. The last time I was here for these family photos was back in July 2012.

 Pretty little store. All of these buildings have been built for the Antique Fair happening here in a few weeks time.
 Church building.
 General dealer and Post Office.
An old red caboose.
 Candace and I.
 Close-up of the two of us.
Miller family photo. :-)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Arrival in Odon...

Candace and I left the Fort Wayne area early on Sunday, 27th July, and drove the four hours south-west down to Odon. Thanks must go to Candace's uncle and aunt, Richard and Clara, who housed us during our three nights there. We arrived at lunchtime to see lovely meat and vegetable sosaties (skewers, shish-kebabs) on a charcoal fire. There were also many signs welcoming us to our new home. :-)

 Richard and Clara's house near Grabill, Indiana.
 Welcome home signs in the grass as we drive up the road.
 Another sign by the front door.
 Candace's parents' house.
 Sosaties or kebabs on the coals.
 Sign in the front door.
 Inside the house.
And there you have it! :-)

Monday, 11 August 2014

Nick and Suzanne's Wedding...

Having arrived in Indianapolis at lunchtime on Thursday, 24th July, Candace and I then drove over two hours north-east to the Fort Wayne area. Here we stayed with Candace's uncle and aunt near Grabill while we attended Nick and Suzanne's wedding on Saturday, 26th July.

Over our three days in the Fort Wayne area, we were able to meet up with many of our friends from Mercy Ships, who had travelled down for the wedding. We spent time at a BBQ and fireworks for Nick and Suzanne at Suzanne's house on the Thursday. We met up with Mercy Shippers for lunch at Cindy's Diner in Fort Wayne on Friday, before going to the Allen County Fair in the evening. We even took our good friends Tim and Karin (Tim worked with me in the Purser's office on the ship) for a tour of Amish country on the Saturday morning.

Then came the main event of Nick and Suzanne's wedding on Saturday evening. It was lovely to be with Mercy Ships family for such a special event, as the 'love boat' has brought two more individuals together. :-) Happy wedding Nick and Suzanne!

 Sunset on my first day in the USA. Thursday 24th July.
 Chinese Lanterns.
 Fireworks right above us!
 Cindy's Diner for lunch. Friday 25th July.
 Monster truck at the Allen County Fair.
 Carnival rides.
 Nick and Suzanne's wedding. Saturday 26th July. Seating arrangements.
 Nick (left) and his groomsmen.
 The happy groom.
 Outside wedding venue.
 Nick Cash (Chaplain from Mercy Ships) did the message.
 Wedding book.
 Reception venue.
 On the wall behind the head table.
 Suzanne and Nick.
 All the Mercy Shippers together.
 With Mercy Ships friends.
Candace and I.
The happy couple leaving for their honeymoon.