Thursday, 28 May 2009

Counting down...

As I sit here at my laptop late on a Thursday night it is pouring outside and there are the sounds and flashes of an approaching thunder and lightning storm. This weekend sees another large cold front come through bringing lots of rain and even some snow to the high-lying regions of the Western Cape. It's that time of the year again here in Cape Town, South Africa. And so I am thankful to be wrapped up warm and to be sipping a hot chocolate while I type.

But I will not be subject to this cold winter weather for much longer. Soon I will be in the heat of the Texan summer, and I've been told to bring plenty of t-shirts and general summer clothing. It is now under two-and-a-half weeks until I board a flight to Heathrow and then connect to Chicago and Dallas. The countdown is really on. And I am so excited!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I worked my final day at Global Migration SA, and it was a great four months working for this company. I gained experience and was often challenged (always a good thing) in the corporate world. But now it is time to move on. And then this weekend (on Saturday) my good friend Jamie also leaves Cape Town to spend a few weeks back home in Oklahoma City before the Gateway course. It'll be different from so many of the often painful ship goodbyes, in that I will see her again three weeks from Saturday!

So now with this countdown comes a time of preparation. I have a couple of prescribed books to read and need to do some souvenir shopping. But more than that, I've got to prepare my heart for what's in store for me over the next couple of months. God bless!

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