Sunday, 26 July 2009

Farewell USA...

After leaving Oklahoma City on Thursday I've spent my time back in Richardson, Texas, with my friend Lisa. We drove out to the IOC on Friday and spent a fun day there catching up with old friends from the ship. It was also great because we went out to lunch at the Dinner Bell, a little roadside diner in Van. I always wanted to have a roadside diner experience!

Yesterday my good friend Josh came up from the IOC to Dallas and it was fun to spend time with him as well. The three of us (Josh, Lisa, myself) also met up with Paris, a friend from the ship back in 2007. It was fun to share stories and chat about our Mercy Ships experiences. Good times.

It's nice being back here in Richardson because I see it as somehow fitting that I'm ending my US adventure where I started it nearly six weeks ago. So, after a wonderful time in the USA on Gateway training as well as seeing many friends this past week, my adventure in the US draws to a close for the time being... I must thank all those lovely friends who put me up and really treated me as family during my time here. Thank you all! Next stop Cape Town!

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