Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Dive Team...

Due to the fact that the Africa Mercy spends ten months of a year docked in port, there is much sea growth that springs to life on the ship's hull. The underwater vents for cooling the ship's engines and air-conditioning systems can also become clogged with pollution and marine growth. It is here where the Dive Team comes into play. The Dive Team are all crew members who have specialised roles onboard the vessel (there is a nurse, a Transportation Manager, a photographer and a receptionist, amongst others), but they all volunteer their free time to clean the ship's hull. And dive in some pretty dirty water as well!

The next few weeks they are focusing their efforts on cleaning the forward part of the ship, in anticipation for our upcoming sail to the Canary Islands. This will save fuel in the long-run, as there will be less resistance through the water.

It is volunteer roles such as these - in an entirely voluntary organisation - that often go unnoticed. So thanks to the Dive Team for the great work they do!

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