Monday, 20 September 2010

Spring in Cape Town...

With the spring equinox just around the corner (22nd September), the flowers in Cape Town are beginning to bloom. This past Friday (17th September) I went with a couple of Mercy Ship friends to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, a mere ten minutes drive from my home. Here the indigenous vegetation, known as fynbos, has begun to show its true colours - as these photos show!

Yellow pincushions in the Protea family...

And orange pincushions too!

Close up of an orange pincushion.

One of the larger Protea species.

And the King of them all... The King Protea, the National Flower of South Africa, and the emblem worn on the South African national cricket, rugby, and soccer jerseys.

A plant that looks like a daisy, but is probably something else.

These are a form of daisy.

Another daisy-like plant.

This was one of my favourite shots of the day.

Pretty flowers...

And lovely reflections!

With my Mercy Ship friends at Kirstenbosch.

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