Friday, 26 November 2010

Appelsbosch Science Fair!

This past Wednesday the Academy hosted the annual Science Fair in Miss Orman's Science Lab. It is really interesting - as always - to see what the students are learning and how they are applying what they have learned to real situations and case studies. And, of course, the Biblical application is really cool! Here are some photos from the Science Fair!

Christina (Miss Orman)!

How much electricity do different fruits/vegetables produce?

Do birds care what colour their food is?

How Dirty is Dirt?

The Coke Test - to see if people could tell the difference between Coke Light, Coke Zero and regular Coca-Cola.

This was perhaps one of my favourite exhibits - since I was included in the sample for the experiment. It measured how gender plays a role in frustration - we had to try and play an (impossible to finish) game and the researcher captured our responses to the frustration of constantly having to re-start the game. It came up with some pretty interesting results.

Does anaesthesia with adrenalin last longer than anaesthesia without?

The practical implementation of the above experiment. Anaesthetic being administered into the arm via a needle.

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