Saturday, 19 March 2011

Silvermine Hike...

I went for a hike with my parents in Silvermine, an area of Table Mountain National Park, yesterday. It was lovely to walk in God's creation and enjoy the beauty of the indigenous vegetation and the spectacular views over various parts of the city. Here are some photos from this day. The photo at right is taken from the lookout point above Noordhoek.

We started from the dam at Silvermine.

Walking up the rough track above the dam.

An aggressive spider protects its web and nest in the Fynbos vegetation.

An erica, a plant in the Fynbos family.

The Silvermine radio mast visible here - this is from where much of Cape Town's radio and TV is transmitted.

Another plant in the Fynbos family.

A wild daisy.

Our dog Flicka sometimes thinks she's a mountain goat!

The King Protea - South Africa's national flower.

Looking towards Noordhoek and Long Beach.

A plant in the Protea family.

Looking down towards Hout Bay - Chapman's Peak Drive, on the route of the Cycle Tour, is visible here.

More indigenous plants.

I wish I was better at naming plants... This, I believe, is also a plant in the Fynbos family.

Heading back down to Silvermine Dam after a lovely hike.

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