Monday, 8 August 2011

New month, new responsibility...

Apologies for the infrequent posting, but things have been really busy lately. The Purser left last Monday for a well-deserved break and I am filling in as the acting Staff Purser of the M/V Africa Mercy while he is on holiday.

I have spent most of my days down at our shipping agent working on clearance paperwork for our incoming containers, as well as signing for crew mail, and overseeing the Reception Team on the ship. I am also still retaining some of my Assistant Purser responsibilities, such as liaising with Pastor Mark and Bridget over at Lungi regarding the arrivals and departures.

This past Thursday I had my first Fire Drill as the first-in-charge of Muster Control and that, for the most part, went well. There were a few minor issues, but that is why we drill - so that we can learn from our mistakes. And, of course, be better prepared should a real emergency situation arise.

So that's a little slice of what I've been up to in my role on the ship this last week. Quite busy, but I am enjoying this opportunity that I have to gain some valuable experience for the future!

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