Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day Worker Thank You Celebration...

It is the end of November and our Field Service in Sierra Leone is slowly winding down. The Hospital has closed and is being cleaned and packed as we make ready for sailing. The last In-Port fire drill happened on Friday morning and the At-Sea muster lists went up on Friday afternoon. Also on Friday was the Day Worker Thank You event.

Mercy Ships employs some 150 - 200 local Day Workers who assist us in our operations in any given port. Some, like Pastor Mark and Bridget, help with our arrivals and departures over at Lungi; others, like Santigie and Patrick, help drive crew to and from the ferry terminal. The Hospital also has many day workers who help in a wide capacity of roles, from translators to launderers and cooks. Deck and Engineering also have many watch keepers and paint-chippers who ensure that the Africa Mercy is kept in tip-top condition for sea.

Thursday was the last day for the vast majority of our day workers and so on Friday we hosted a Thank You celebration to honour our hard-working day workers. There was an amazing African lunch before the official event in the International Lounge. There was lively African worship followed by speeches by the Captain and our Managing Director. Once the function had concluded there was ice-cream in the Cafe area.

It was a great day and made the Mercy Ships family feel very special to be able to partner with so many amazing day workers! I pray that they will continue to bless Sierra Leone in their future endeavours, and may God bless them for all that they have done!

Our Captain addresses the International Lounge.

Ice-cream in Town Square.

Packed cafe area.

Farewells on the dock.

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