Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cape Town 2012...

It's been over two weeks since my last blog post and some may be wondering where I am... Well, I am in fact home in beautiful Cape Town for six weeks, having a break from Mercy Ships. The last time I was home was in March 2011 and Table Mountain was certainly a welcome sight as my Air Namibia flight (Accra - Windhoek - Cape Town) approached the Mother City.

I have been in Cape Town for nearly two weeks now and have spent much of my time doing wedding preparation for my upcoming marriage, painting the house and other chores, training for my 22nd Argus Cycle Tour, and playing with my adorable nephews, Rhyenn and Jesse.

The lovely Candace arrives in Cape Town tomorrow, and we get married this coming weekend. It is certainly an exciting - and busy - time!

Here are some photos from my flight home and time in Cape Town thus far... :-)

Planes on the runway at Windhoek - most notable is the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) plane.

Flying above the Namibian plains.

The great Orange River - the natural border between Namibia and South Africa.

St. Helena Bay - about 200 kms north of Cape Town.

Voelvlei (Afrikaans: Bird Lake) Dam - one of the City of Cape Town's water sources.

On final approach to Cape Town International.


The day after I arrived we went to Constantia to look at a rose garden. It's stunning here!

Lovely home.

Dad and I braaing meat at my sister's school.

We also had some excitement with bees in the back garden!

But thankfully the majority of them had left - leaving just a few robber bees stealing the last of the honey.


The remaining bees huddling together in the corner.

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