Friday, 21 November 2014

Let it snow...

We had our first (very early) snow of the season over the past weekend. It began on Sunday (16th November) and lasted until Monday morning. Candace and I were out with friends on Sunday night and we had to drive home in the snow. It was my first experience driving in falling snow! It was like walking in a real winter wonderland when I went outside with Rusty early the next day. This was my first experience of snow in the USA! :-)

 Snow falling late on Sunday night.
 Snow-covered pumpkins.
 Snow-covered plant.
 Rusty enjoys his walk in the snow.
Strange to think just a few days ago we were raking leaves here!
 View over the empty vegetable patch.
 The pond and Bethel Mennonite Church.
 Our temporary home.
 Pretty swing.
 The shed where we park our cars.
 Melting snow forming icicles dangling off the roof of the shed.

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