Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Newsletter...

The below was sent out to our friends and family around the globe. Thought I'd post it here as well - enjoy! :-)

Dear all our friends and family,

The past year has been a challenging one on many fronts. We began the year without knowing when we'd be reunited and are ending this year united in Indiana. God is good.

Candace continues to work as a full-time float-pool nurse at Daviess Community Hospital in Washington, our nearest big(-ish) town. She continues to grow professionally and learn skills in many different areas of nursing. She works on Same Day Surgery, the Med-Surg ward, the Behavioural (or psychiatric) ward, the Rehabilitation ward, and is now orienting on the ICU ward. Candace has also taken a second nursing job at a local nursing home. She will be working PRN (as needed) as and when she is able.

Murray continues to adapt to life in Indiana. It has not been easy and the past few months have been quite challenging, and this has been difficult for Candace too. Murray's green card arrived at the beginning of September but it was only towards the end of October that his social security card arrived – the social security card is needed in order to apply for jobs. Since then Murray has been looking for jobs but has not been able to find anything as yet. He has applied for several positions but has not heard back, which can be very frustrating. Murray is trusting the Lord to provide employment for him, so please keep him in your prayers. In the meantime, he has been kept relatively busy around the house doing chores, such as cooking meals, cleaning, washing dishes and doing loads of laundry. He is also being kept on his toes by Rusty, the newest member of the Crawford family in the USA.

Candace and Murray found out about Rusty, a three-year-old Schnauzer-Yorkshire Terrier cross, from their sister-in-law who works at a vet about half an hour away. Murray went to have a look and instantly knew that Rusty was the dog for him. Rusty loves to play and be patted, and to go for walks, but he does have some separation anxiety issues since he was abandoned for a while before being taken in by the vet. He is therefore feeling very loved and spoiled in the Crawford household! He is slowly getting used to our busy lives here and is fitting in nicely.

And now just a few more highlights from the latter part of the year. We have been privileged in going to Lincoln State Park in southern Indiana for the church camping trip back in September. It was a beautiful area to hike and explore and enjoy good fellowship and fun. We have also entertained Mercy Ships friends at our house here in Indiana (Come visit us Mercy Shippers!) and have also driven to Asheville, North Carolina, to stay with close friends from the ship there too. That was a really fun time hiking and exploring another beautiful area of the States.

Finally, a couple of prayer requests going into this New Year:
  • That Murray would continue to find his feet – and a job – here. That it would be a job that plays to Murray's strengths and one that makes him come alive.
  • We need wisdom regarding our future accommodation. We need to be out of the place we're renting by May and so we need guidance and wisdom as to where the Lord is leading us to live.
  • Murray would love to be back in Cape Town in March for his 25th consecutive Cape Town Cycle Tour (formerly the Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour). Please pray that things would come together and that this would be a reality.
Many thanks for your continued prayer, support and encouragement. Much love and God bless you this Christmas time!

- Murray & Candace

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