Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Barn...

Candace and I moved from the place we were renting at the end of March. We had been living at her grandparent's old house south of Odon, but have now moved to a pretty little Barn a little to the west of Odon. We are renting The Barn from a lady in the church who owns the property. There is also a large pond to fish as well as a substantial wooded area to explore. It is a lovely place to call home.

 The gravel road that leads to our new home. The Barn is located behind me and to the left.
 The Barn.
 There is a little fish pond in front.
 We have a nice stoep/porch area to sit and enjoy nature.
 The large pond looking towards the wooded area.
 Looking back at our new home from across the pond.

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