Friday, 8 January 2016

Introducing Riaan...

Today (7th January) marks one month since our son, Riaan Tristan, entered the world. :) His arrival was anything but smooth. Candace had contractions, with some bleeding during the last few hours, for about thirty hours. She then pushed for two more hours, but Riaan wasn't coming out that way. We had to have an emergency caesarean section, and that is how our little man entered the world at 12h10 on Monday, 7th December 2015. I was so excited to hold him and call him my son!

Candace was an absolute hero and I was so proud of her. She had some health issues after the birth and had to have two units of blood to strengthen her, but we were eventually discharged and went home with our little blessing on Thursday, 10th December.

A week after Riaan was born, Candace was back in the hospital fighting for her life. But I'll leave that story for another day. For now, know that we are very thankful to have this little blessing here! :)

 Candace in hospital the night before Riaan's birth.
 My gift from Candace. :)
 Hannah, Candace's sister, came and helped during the labour. She was an absolute champion!
 Ready to begin pushing!
 First proper view of our son after he was born via c-section.
 Seven minutes old and already striking my famous pose.
 Holding my boy for the first time!
 First family photo. :)
 Signs on the wall of our hospital room.
 Candace celebrated her birthday in hospital on the 9th December.
Bringing home our noisy bundle of joy. :)

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