Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Brown County Covered Bridges...

After spending the Saturday in Nashville, Candace and I went and explored the two covered bridges in the area on Sunday morning, 7th February. The first one we visited was Bean Blossom Covered Bridge and it is about ten minutes north of Nashville. It dates from 1880 and is in a rural area of Brown County.

The second covered bridge we visited was Ramp Creek Covered Bridge, a two-lane covered bridge that is only one of four in the whole United States. It is also the oldest covered bridge in Indiana, being built back in 1838. It is located just outside of Nashville at one of the entrances to Brown County State Park.

 Driving north out of Nashville.
 Heading towards Bean Blossom Covered Bridge.
 Bean Blossom Covered Bridge.
 Ramp Creek Covered Bridge.
 Inside Ramp Creek Covered Bridge.
A closer view of Ramp Creek Covered Bridge.

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