Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Flying Chicago visit...

Riaan's South African birth certificate arrived in the post one Monday morning. (20th June.) Candace and I decided to drive up to the South African Consulate General in Chicago the very next day in order to apply for his South African passport.

It was a lovely drive through Indiana up to Chicago. We stayed with Mercy Ships friends for one night before heading to the Consulate on the Wednesday morning. It was a really easy application process and we were soon heading back to southern Indiana - after first visiting Chicago's famous Bean, of course! :)

 With Riaan and his South African birth certificate.
 Relaxing with Mercy Ships friends Sam and Amy in Chicago.
 Waiting to catch the train to downtown Chicago.
 With Zakumi, the 2010 FIFA World Cup mascot, at the SA Consulate General. The 2010 World Cup was held in South Africa.
 Chicago's famous Bean.
 Riaan loved seeing his reflection in the Bean!
 Walking across one of Chicago's canals.
 The departing Metra train that dropped us back at Villa Park.
 Public transport is an awesome part of big cities.
Driving back through the huge Fowler Ridge Wind Farm.

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