Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lincoln State Park...

Back in late-July we took Candace's niece and nephew to Lincoln State Park for a day. We spent time playing on the beach and I also hiked around Lake Lincoln. I saw lots of nature on my walk around the lake - deer, raccoon, and lots of birds.

We even visited the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial on our way out of the park. Abraham Lincoln spent several years here, living and working on his father's farm in the area. We saw where the original farm house stood, as well as the living farm where you can witness first-hand what life was like in 1820s rural Indiana.

 The beach at Lake Lincoln.
 A bird nesting under the beach pavilion.
 Butterflies "puddling" together on the sand. They do this to extract nutrients from the ground.
 Bullfrog under a log.
 Deer in the woods.
 Mother and her fawn.
 Raccoon in the tree.
 Interesting mushrooms on the trail, including this red one...
 And this yellow one.
 Turtle sunning itself.
 Another view of the beach and pavilion at Lincoln State Park.
 Lake Lincoln on a calm day.
 Riaan and his American cousins.
 The Living Historical Farm, part of Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.
 The site of the original farm house.
 Turkey feathers.
 An interesting nest.
 A black rat snake crosses the path just in front of me.
 Slithering away in the grass.
 A large cow.
 Chicken sheltering from the sun.
 Corn field at Lincoln's farm.
The National Park Service turns 100 this year.

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