Sunday, 23 October 2016

Twin Caves at Spring Mill...

We found ourselves - along with Candace's family - at Spring Mill State Park recently. We were up in Mitchell for the Persimmon Festival and enjoyed the 5 km fun run in the morning. In the afternoon we decided to do the boat tour through the Twin Caves - one of many cave systems in the area. We went 500 feet through dark caverns and complete darkness before turning around and heading out again. We saw several bats, frogs, salamanders and fish. There were also interesting stalactites clinging from the roof of the cave. I only had my phone with me and so the photos are not that good.

 Camping at Spring Mill.
 Waiting to board the boats.
 Ready to enter the Twin Caves.
 Clear water of the cave system.
 Heading through the narrow passageways.
 Interesting columns and beaches inside the cave.
 Stalactites on the roof of the cave.
Heading out of the cave.

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