Friday, 2 December 2016

Summit Lake State Park...

Back on the 10th of October we drove the three hours to Summit Lake State Park, just east of Indianapolis. It was another State Park that we had never visited before. We enjoyed a picnic by the lake's edge and then had a lovely hike through dense forest along the shoreline. We also saw many interesting birds. It was a great day's outing to another beautiful Indiana State Park!

 Park sign at the entrance gate.
 Our little pumpkin on the autumn display.
 A tree surrounded by the lake.
 We ate lunch at this picnic table by the water's edge.
 Hiking through the forest.
 Looking up at the tree canopy.
 Interesting fungi on a tree.
 A lichen growing on the trunk of a tree.
 Interesting growths on this dead stump.
 Pretty wild flowers.
 Honey bee hard at work.
 Beautiful view along the hiking trail.
 A great blue heron takes flight.
 Campsites at Summit Lake.
 The tiny Nature Centre.
 Fishing dock.
 Candace and Riaan on the dock.
 Abundant bird life.
 American coots on the lake.
 A pair of Canada geese on the water.
 Canada goose in flight.
 Belted kingfisher.
 Pretty old barn on the drive home.
 Pumpkin patch.
 Amazing colour contrast in this tree!

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