Thursday, 27 July 2017

Summer Storm...

A line of strong thunderstorms passed through our area recently. This huge thunderstorm system made for some good photographs as the storm approached from the north-west and departed to the south-east. It was also particularly interesting as there were mammatus clouds, often associated with severe storms, visible once the storm had passed. (As pictured in the last of the below photographs.)

 It's not clear from this photo just how massive this cloud was. I had to crouch down with my camera tilted upwards on the pavement in order to capture all of it. It towered threateningly over us!
Fingers at the edge of a shelf cloud.
 The storm approaches from the north. There was a fair amount of colour in this storm, from dusty brown to eerie green.
 Purple skies as I look towards the "rear" of the departing thunderstorm. I spent many minutes standing here (on our stoep) and watching the mesmerising lightning in this system.
 Scattered clouds just after sunset.
Mammatus clouds seen in the last of the evening light.

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