Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Granny Arrives...

My Mom arrived for a three-week visit on Tuesday, 3rd April. She departed yesterday, after a wonderful time connecting with her grandchildren, meeting friends and family, and seeing many sights and sounds of southern Indiana. The next few blog posts will document her time with us in Indiana. Here are some photos of her arrival at Indianapolis International Airport very late on that stormy Tuesday night.

 Our chalkboard at home.
 Candace made a South African flag cushion cover and we had a basket of goodies ready for Mom's visit. :)
 Riaan inspects an Indy Car while we wait for Granny to arrive at Indianapolis International Airport.
 Granny's here!
 Selfie at the airport.
Snuggling Eliza at 01h00 in the morning after we arrived home. It was a late night!

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