Wednesday, 1 August 2018

O'Bannon Woods State Park...

We arrived at O'Bannon Woods State Park just before lunchtime on Sunday, 24th June. We enjoyed a picnic lunch outside the Nature Centre before browsing inside. We then went for a brief walk before heading back home. O'Bannon Woods State Park has a very impressive Nature Centre - especially in terms of live reptiles on display, like this alligator snapping turtle at right. Riaan loved it!

 The Hickory Hollow Nature Centre.
 Enjoying a picnic lunch.
 Copperheads and a timber rattlesnake share this vivarium.
 The timber rattlesnake looked quite threatening.
 An eastern hognose snake inspects Riaan through the glass.
 An albino corn snake.
 Riaan loved looking at the snakes.
 The alligator snapping turtle uses a lure on its tongue to catch its prey.
 Riaan looking at the museum section.
 View inside the Nature Centre.
 Walking a pretty trail outside.
 Interesting fungi on a log.
 The wildlife viewing hide.
 Wyandotte Firetower dates from 1932.
 I only climbed as far as the second level.
 View looking down to our car.
Heading down the rickety stairs.

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