Thursday, 10 January 2019

Christmas Day...

We had a pretty quiet Christmas day, largely spent at home as a little family of four. Riaan opened a couple of presents and we also put our shoes out for Father Christmas the night before. This is a tradition that we first heard about while with Mercy Ships on the Africa Mercy. It happens every Christmas on the ship. Crew members place a shoe outside their cabin door on Christmas Eve and it is filled up with goodies on Christmas day. :) It is a European tradition that comes from the celebration of Saint Nicholas Day, and we are introducing it into our little American-South African family here in Indiana! :) We also made sure that the day was centred around the story of the Nativity, and how God sent his son Jesus to earth to restore our relationship with Him. :)

 Eliza's present - a quiet (or busy) book made by Candace. :)
 Riaan opening a present. :)
A house decorated with Christmas lights in Washington.

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