Tuesday, 26 November 2019

The Main and Litearra Launch...

I went to the launch of two of Washington's newest businesses recently: The Main and Litearra.

The Main is a new collaborative working space located above the Cherry Ghost Coffee Shop in downtown Washington, Indiana. Here people from different backgrounds can escape home or the office and work in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Such a space allows for network opportunities and less distractions - and also readily-available coffee! It certainly is an attractive new venture in Washington, Indiana!

The other business that launched was Litearra Communications, a copy-writing and proof-reading company based here in Washington - but with clients around the globe. It aims to provide clear, concise copy and editing work that meets a company's needs and appeals to a greater target audience.

These two companies are certainly welcome additions to Washington's ever-growing portfolio of emerging businesses!

 Noticeboard at The Main.
Dan Maley and Dave Colbert launched the two businesses.

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