Monday, 6 October 2008

Marshall Town...

Yesterday, Sunday 5th October, I went out with a group of friends to Marshall, a town an hour-and-a-half's drive from the ship. It is a stone's throw away from Roberts International Airport.

Arriving at this beautiful fishing village, we went and walked along a pristine beach; actually, a sandbar stretching out between the sea and a peaceful lagoon. On reaching the lagoon's mouth we all, after swimming in the shallow waters off the point, bundled into a traditional Liberian canoe and went for a boat ride around Monkey Island, where there are resident giant chimpanzees. And they were out in force this day.
Having rounded the island, we reached the other side of the lagoon and then set out walking along miles and miles of unspoilt coastline. We also had an entourage of local kids accompanying us for most of our coastal trek. They also gave us fresh coconuts and caught crabs to show us, as well as swimming in the sea with us. These kids may be poor in terms of material possessions, but they are so so wealthy in that they live in such a beautiful area.

Having spent most of the morning and afternoon on the beach, relaxing, swimming and bodyboarding, we slowly headed back to Marshall, having one last swim in the lagoon after our boat crossing. It was another wonderful day in Liberia; a day I will remember for years to come.

It is amazing how God has provided so many opportunities for me to make the most of this time here. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I'll probably never be in Liberia again, and it is thus so important to seize the day while I'm here. God is so faithful.

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