Monday, 6 October 2008

Wulki Farm - The Return...

Last Saturday, 27th September, I went out to Wulki Farm again. This time it was myself and a group of eight ladies. I decided to go primarily because my friend Becky Weinz, who's been like a ship sister to me over the past months, was leaving the following Wednesday and had never gone before.

So we drove out to the Farm and once there took an easy stroll looking at the animals and enjoying each other's company. Once back we swam and while chilling at the pool, a young man rode up on a horse and he offered to take me for a horse ride. Now I've never really ridden a horse before, and as mentioned in a previous post, I am really wanting to seize opportunities during my last few months here. So I decided to accept the offer. It was great fun. William, the horse's owner led me the first while, but then let me control the horse myself for the way back. I was happy that we stopped just around the corner from where all my friends were... because my dismount was rather awkward, to say the least. My one foot got caught in the stirrup and I ended up dangling on the side of the horse, stuck in the saddle. Thankfully a security guard and William helped me out of my predicament.

But more than that I want to share William's story with you. He is eighteen-years-old. Both his parents were killed during the war. He now has dreams of going to university and studying to be a medical doctor. That is why he is working at the Farm: to try and earn enough money to put himself through his tertiary education. Again, it won't be an easy journey for William. But one must keep hope alive.

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