Sunday, 1 February 2009

Employment Provision...

I am employed. Last week I was not employed. I now am.

I will be starting work from tomorrow for a company called Global Migration SA (, which assists foreign nationals with work permits, visas, and anything regarding employment and living in South Africa. Initially I will be spending a couple weeks in Reception just to learn the ropes of the company (it seems I always start in Reception before moving on!) and then I will move into the position of Communications Coordinator. I will be responsible for structuring and organising both internal and external communications in this role. I'm a little nervous, but I pray that I will thrive in this new challenge.

So how did this come about? Well, last Sunday (25th January) I did my Mercy Ships presentation at my church. I showed part of the End-of-Field Service DVD as well as a PowerPoint and another short video I put together. I was amazed at how God really worked during the service. He was so evident throughout. During my presentation I said, half jokingly, that if anyone needed a hardworking writer, editor, proof-reader, receptionist, general admin-type guy, then they should see me afterwards. And that's what happened.

The Managing Director of the company goes to my church and was impressed by my presentation. He told me to send him my CV and we'd set up a meeting. So last Wednesday I was offered the above-mentioned job.

Within the space of four days I went from being uncertain about where this year is heading (I am still planning for a return to Mercy Ships in the second half of the year - which my employer knows about), to having a certainty that God is always in control. I mean, I always knew he was. But it was great to get another example of how He knits circumstances and situations together in accordance with His will for your life.

I'll keep you all posted how it goes.

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