Sunday, 13 September 2009

Moving the AFM...

Today the Port Authority made us move a couple hundred metres down the dock so that they could evaluate whether dredging was necessary at our berth. Three or more hours later and repositioned along the dock, we got the word that dredging was not necessary (there is enough depth to the water) and so we headed back to our original berth again. It's been a long day for our hard working deckies and engineering crew. They really do a wonderful job and may God bless them for all their work. Pictures below taken from when they moved us down the dock.

Argonaut 1 dredging the harbour.

Local fishing boat coming in from the sea.

A larger fishing boat coming into the harbour.

Another fishing boat heading out to sea.

Moving down the dock.

And finally at our temporary berth.

Port of Cotonou breakwater.

With friends watching the process. When you only sail three or so weeks out of every year moving berths is rather exciting!

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