Thursday, 17 December 2009

A perfect day...

Some days are just amazing. My day started relatively early as I took my chair out onto the bow and sat there with my Bible and journal. As I sat, I prayed a silent prayer to myself. Lord God, please send us some dolphins. I really wanted to see them up close. I said that prayer not knowing that earlier in the morning some of our nurses, doing devotions on the bow, were greeted by countless dolphins swimming and playing in the waves by the bow.

So I sat and read my Bible and then a voice from over my shoulder said, "There are dolphins on this side!" I got up and saw a pod of dolphins swimming alongside the Africa Mercy, and then a handful of them came and swam right under the bow, racing and jumping as the ship cut through the waves.

I had my camera on me and snapped a few photos. If those had been the only dolphins I saw I would have still gone to bed a happy man. But God had more in store later that day. Much more.

And sometimes, to use an old cliche, pictures and video can relate this more than words ever can...

What an awesome God we serve!

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tati said...

awesome, indeed!