Friday, 11 December 2009

Sailing at sea...

It is now day four of our ten-day sail from Benin to Tenerife. The first three days have seen smooth seas and some spectacular sights - although today we are rocking much more than the first few days at sea. It's almost a relief in a sense. The first few days felt as if we were still docked. It was unreal. At least now it feels as if we're at sea! That being said here are some photos of what we have seen so far on our journey... from a waterspout to whales and much more! God is good!

The waterspout reaching down to touch the water! More on waterspouts click here.

Dolphins swimming alongside the Africa Mercy!

They are such graceful creatures!

Sperm whales in the waters off the ship.

More whales.

Passing the Atwood Hunter oil platform, drilling oil for Ghana!

The Bridge of the Africa Mercy.

Looking aft from the port-side bridge wing.

Sailing on a course a little south of west.

Nothing beats an Atlantic sunset!

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