Monday, 1 February 2010

Final cycle in Tenerife...

This past Saturday, the day before our departure from Santa Cruz, I decided to go for one long last cycle in Tenerife. I headed up to El Bailadero, as I had done two weeks prior. But at the top I ventured a little further and cycled along a road that skirted the top of the mountain ridge, in the direction of Chamorga (north-easterly direction).

It was a lovely ride that again took in some breathtaking scenery. From the top you could see all the way down to the Port of Santa Cruz, the city of La Laguna, and even the little village of Igueste that I had cycled to on Wednesday and Thursday.

The ride itself was nearly 60 kms in length and included about 18 kms of non-stop uphill. No wonder my legs were so sore for the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday too!

Looking down at Benijo, on the northern coast of the Island.

Looking back towards San Andres and the beach at Las Teresitas (where the climb had begun).

La Laguna as seen from afar.

A glimpse of the Port. AFM is hidden from view.

This is Igueste, the village I cycled to a few days previously.

View down to the ocean north.

Through this gate there was a little rough track that I cycled down.

There were many beautiful flowers on this path.

On the road at the very top of the mountain range.

Taken on my descent back to San Andres and eventually Santa Cruz. A road is just visible on the top left peak of the mountain range in the distance - this was where I was.

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