Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Moses Mabhida Stadium...

This past Sunday a group of us went and had a tour of Durban's brand-new 2010 World Cup venue, the Moses Mabhida Stadium. It was really interesting to see this amazing multi-sports facility - it can be used not only for football (soccer), but also for cricket, rugby, and athletics. We also got the chance to walk next to the pitch where so many famous football players played this past June/July. And this won't be my only visit to Moses Mabhida... In January the South African national cricket team, the Proteas, face the might of India in a Twenty20 International, and I'll be here to watch the action!

The stadium has a large arch that goes over the field. It even has a Skycar that goes to the viewing platform 106 metres up... Or you could choose to walk the 550 steps!

The north end of the stadium.

The field - note the cricket pitch being prepared in the centre.

The south end of the stadium.

The stadium had a capacity of 70,000 for the World Cup. This has since been reduced to 55,000. The colour scheme of the seats represents the ocean lapping up against the beach.

The player's tunnel.

Looking north.

Looking up at the arch...

... Which was inspired by the "Y" shape of the green in South Africa's national flag.

View from the south side.

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