Thursday, 12 May 2011

Academy Creative Arts Fair...

Last night the Academy hosted the Creative Arts Fair, in which the students were given an opportunity to show the rest of the crew what they have been learning in their classes. There were musical interludes as well as displays of colourful artwork. As always, it was an honour to see how the hardworking teachers of the Academy bless the crew through what they do - and through the skills that are being learned by the students. If you are a teacher and would like to try something different for a year or two, why not volunteer to teach a truly international class on the Mercy Ship. You will not be disappointed!

The evening started in Town Square with musical recitals from some of the students...

Followed by the choir singing "Let My People Go".

Then the evening moved on to the Academy itself, where there were many interesting displays - including this "City Cell", a Lego city comparison of how a cell functions.

The Energy Plant/Mitochondria unit. Not sure about how much energy McDonalds gives though!

There was also many different examples of painting and drawing techniques on display. This is Op Art.

These works are inspired by Romero Britto of Brazil.

More art with an African theme.

Painted bits of wood showing places that are close to home for the students.

Wire sculptures... One of my favourite ones was this one. But that's no real surprise, is it?

Crew members enjoy being blessed by the Academy. Thank you Teachers and Students of the Mercy Ships Academy!

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