Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sierra Ferries...

A while back I blogged about the water taxi we use for our arrivals and departures. Well, we are no longer using that company, but are now using the new Sierra Ferry to assist with our arrivals and departures. The ferry itself is Government-owned, but the company that operates it is an independent, privately-owned company. This ferry operates a service from Government Wharf, Freetown, across the river to Targrin, on the Lungi (airport) side.

Today Tim and I went and did a trial run, taking one Land Rover with us, because we needed to go to the airport to meet immigration officials there. The trip went really well and we were very impressed by Sierra Ferries - the vessel is in very good condition and there are life rafts and other safety equipment on the ferry.

We pray that the arrival and departure process will be stress-free for crew with the use of Sierra Ferries! It was certainly a relaxing trip across the river for us.

Here are some more photos from our trip across the river.

Driving our Land Rover onto the ferry.

Got to give it plenty of juice!

Life rafts on the ferry.

We were impressed by the well-maintained Man Overboard Boat it carries.

Government Wharf.

Freetown scenery.

Passing the Africa Mercy docked in Freetown...

... And leaving her off our starboard quarter.

Early morning fires add to the hazy atmosphere of Freetown.

Approaching Targrin Ferry Terminal on the Lungi side of the river.

This is the older Government Ferry.

The two ferries alongside one another at Targrin.

Airport business done... Time to head back!


Passing the Port of Freetown again.

And back we are at Government Wharf!

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