Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sierra Leone Driver's Licence...

Here in Sierra Leone ship drivers have two options if they want to be able to drive a Mercy Ships vehicle (or any vehicle) legally.
  • Option 1: They can either apply for an International Driver's Licence and carry that with their own driver's licence from their home nation.
  • Option 2: Apply for a local Sierra Leonean driver's licence!
Since I already have an International Driver's Licence that I got through the AA (Automobile Association) of South Africa when we were in Durban, I can drive legally without having to get the local one. But come on, how often do you have the opportunity to own a driver's licence issued by another country? So a group of us went to the Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority and had our new licences issued earlier today.

It's pretty handy because with this licence (valid for five years) I am able to drive in any of the 15 ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) countries! Just another interesting day serving on the Mercy Ship!

Here I am with my new Sierra Leone Licence.

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