Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sugar Loaf Mountain...

Yesterday a group of us hiked up one of the highest mountains in the vicinity of Freetown, Sugar Loaf Mountain. It was a rather challenging hike, especially since the rain that fell overnight made the rocks quite slippery. Many of us ended up sliding on our backsides for a while! But despite that, it was really BEAUTIFUL! And it was such a blessing to get off the ship and do some solid exercise and make some new friends too!

Looking down towards Freetown and Aberdeen - as we drive to the mountain.

Big houses in the centre of the peninsula.

Heading up the slopes of the mountain.

Spot the stick insect!

Scenic view in the direction of Freetown.

Looking out towards Bureh and Kent Beach...

... And Banana Island in the distance.

Relaxing on the rocks.

Heading back down the mountain.

Lush tropical vegetation.

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