Saturday, 22 October 2011

Forklift fishing...

There was an accident on the dock last week, which unfortunately culminated in one of our two forklifts coming to rest on the ocean floor. Thankfully no one was hurt, and that must remain our main focus at this time.

The very next day a large crane arrived to fish out our forklift. It was quite the process, involving our divers and deck hands, as well as the outside contract workers. But after a couple of hours our waterlogged forklift appeared from the murky depths of Freetown's natural harbour.

Here are some photos from the morning's events.

The forklift being lowered back onto the dock.

The damage is clearly visible...

... As is the mud from Freetown's seafloor!

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joleng16 said...

Thank God no one was hurt. Sometimes we really cannot say that what will happen. Once, my Lawn Mower Parts had been out of control too. I was hurt but not that worse.