Friday, 14 October 2011

University Trek...

This past Tuesday, after work, I joined a friend in hiking up to the University, perched high above Cline Town (a suburb of Freetown) and the harbour. It was a pretty steep climb, but the view at the top was fantastic. We could see all the way across the river to Targrin Ferry Terminal and the airport at Lungi. It made me appreciate more the bustling city of Freetown and the kaleidoscope of colour that one finds here. It made me appreciate more being able to serve here with Mercy Ships.

Looking down towards the port area - the Africa Mercy is towards the left of shot.

This is Kissi Dockyard below, and the point jutting out across the bay is Targrin Ferry Terminal.

Close-up of the Africa Mercy.

Yep, down there and just out of shot on the left is my home!

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